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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The OPSGEAR® Training Difference

By Brandy Vega
VP of Media and Communications OPSGEAR®

What makes OPSGEAR® and The Urban Warfare Center® so different from other gear and training companies? When I took the job with OPSGEAR® about 7 months ago I couldn't have really answered that question. Although, I did know that it was a unique company. Part of the reason I left ABC News to become the VP of Media and Communications was because the CEO and Owner David Burnell and John West the VP of Sales were volunteering for a mission to Haiti. I interviewed David and was impressed with his company and outlook. They not only moved their mouth but also their feet, opening their wallets and donating their time and talents. Since coming on board, I've had the amazing opportunity to see and feel what really sets us apart. I'm a Veteran and have been through bootcamp and understand the basics of combat and training. I spent several months deployed to the Balkans and prior to my deployment we went through quite a bit of training but nothing like the soldiers, sailers, marines. airmen, law enforcement and civilians get at The Urban Warfare Center®.

I have trained with the staff and gone through some of the programs and let me tell you they are intense! You learn high level skills in a high speed environment. We did a team building program shortly after I started and in just a few hours I saw business executives come in as individuals, get broken down, learn some basics and fundamentals, gain confidence and leave with a sense of pride and unity. They were so cohesive by the end of the day and learned extremely valuable lessons. Lessons only taught at The Urban Warfare Center® by the guys who designed a very unique combat stress program. Most people don't explain why humans respond the way they do under pressure, stress or combat, which is fundamental in learning how to react. Our Veteran, Special Ops instructors go through the color code of mental awareness and explain how the brain deteriorates as stress is induced going from cognitive, to emotional and finally descending to reptilian. That is where everyone will decide whether to fight, flight or freeze! We explain the process so they are aware and then when the yelling starts and bullets are flying students understand why they can't move, or why they ran away. Once they understand this principal the training begins, they are given opportunities to develop experiences so when they find themselves in real heat they know what they will do.

I can't even tell you how refreshing it is to witness and go through this type of intense training! In addition to the information presented, the tools and techniques that are shared are ingrained in the instructors. They use principles and large muscle groups because they understand that when you are under stress and your brain is shutting down, that's all you will have. It really hit home to me the other day at one of our free women's self defense seminars when one of the students came up to David after the class and said, "I've gone through some self defense training at a martial arts studio." Right then David grabbed her and started yelling, "Get away, get away." She couldn't remember the moves she had been given because they required fine motor skills. She couldn't break free! So, he showed her a principle we teach about joining your hands and making a circle. Then he repeated the exercise and she got out immediately. It's such a simple movement that she can remember. But, she's not much different than police officers or service members, our brains all respond the same. It's the training, planning and techniques that make the difference. Shooting on the range or in the field is better than nothing, but force-on-force or human-vs-human training makes all of the difference in the world. It increases your survivability.

I am so proud of what we do here at OPSGEAR® and The Urban Warfare Center®. I wish I could shout at the top of my lungs from the roof tops why we are different and why everyone, no matter who you are should go through one of our many courses. We offer defensive handgun, defensive carbine, defensive tactics, women's self defense, combat stress programs, team building, escaping captivity and much more. We can and have catered courses for groups and individuals. I will be attending our escaping captivity course for the first time on Thursday and I'm so nervous yet excited. Many of you may ask why would I need that training... I'm out of the Army, I'm not a contractor or anyone special. I will tell you last night several of the top news stories were the Al-Qaida in Africa, the war in Afghanistan and cartels in Mexico. The world is scary! I was in Arizona visiting my family last week, it has one of the highest kidnapping and trafficking rates in the country. I don't know about you but I choose not to be a victim. I am a fighter and want to have all the tools, tips and tactics I possibly can because you never, ever know when you'll have to use them. If you want the most realistic, high speed training with genuine good guys and a state of the art facility...you need to come to OPSGEAR® and The Urban Warfare Center®. We are the real deal and if you follow us you know the motive behind what we do isn't self gratification or financial gain, it's to help you and give back to those who put it on the line or are willing to do so.